Linkedin Ads

We utilise the power of LinkedIn Advertising to build awareness amongst your target market and convert your ideal customers.

What is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn Advertising is unique compared to other social media advertising, as it provides sophisticated targeting methods to ensure you are reaching your ideal customers on LinkedIn, the World’s largest professional network with over 750 million users. 

Why your business needs it?

LinkedIn Advertising is a must-have channel for B2B brands and events, as it is the most precise way to get your content or message in front of the right audience. It can be a very powerful addition to the rest of your marketing campaign, and the perfect way to distribute high value content or build brand awareness with your target market.

How can we help?

There’s no one-size-fits-all with LinkedIn Ads, so we work with every client to understand their objectives and design a tailored campaign that reaches their ideal customers and drives the results they’re looking for, whether it’s brand awareness, cold-hard sales or event registrations.

Our standard process includes:

Initial research

Planning & setup

Conversion tracking

Campaign Launch

Ongoing Management & Optimisations

Reporting (weekly or monthly)

“Simon’s help has been invaluable! We have just finished running a marketing campaign on Linkedin to promote a course that my employer runs and Simon has been on hand throughout the entire process. Whether it’s explaining jargon to me in layman’s terms (I am not the most tech savvy!), coming up with creative assets, suggesting lead gen opportunities, making targeting suggestions, nailing the tone of our course…no job has been too much! He is incredibly responsive, checking in with us regularly and always coming up with solutions. We are already excited to work with him again!”

Emily Roberts
Marketing Manager, Northstar Meetings Group

Other Services

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